About "Bani Jungle"

What does "Bani Jungle" (The founder of the forest) do?

After two decades of experience in non-governmental projects, a brilliant track record, and receiving many approvals and awards, with the support of the Natural Resources Organization, we undertook the restoration of more than 90 hectares of damaged Hyrcanian forests. The Hyrcanian forests are a more precious heritage than Persepolis and Marlik, with a history of 40 million years and it's pristine, which will undoubtedly dazzle the eyes of every visitor. The second most valuable hidden heritage in these forests is the forest dwellers who have lived behind them for centuries and decades and mixed with the soil, trees, plants, animals, and temperament of the forest and became so immersed in. Forest pain is their pain and forest health is their health. They know, how many blessings and benefits they should get from the forest and how they should protect it and everything in it, and they also know that their lives depend on the health and wise use of the forest. Therefore, preserving this life-giving heritage is the responsibility of all of us. The participatory forest restoration project called "Bani Jungle(The founder of the forest)" was born in 1399 in line with our big project "Trees for the Future". A ten-year project to change the attitude towards planting and maintaining trees and maintaining public participation, which will be implemented in 5 phases in 5 growing areas of the country. In the first stage, we will recreate the project in one of the most pristine parts of Hyrcanian forests with an area of 90 hectares, because we want to be partners in this great event and establish a “forest for the future”.

Forest planting in the Lishak Forest Area is a forest ecosystem for regeneration that will greatly help to create and sustain the life cycle of the region's living organisms from plant species to animal species.

Why did we roll up our sleeves to protect and expand the trees?

In this project, we do not plant trees, but help to keep alive creatures who help us to live and have lived with us for centuries, and who support us forever.

Intending to reconnect and reconcile two compatriots and constant companionship, we create value and provide an environment where you can take care and support the development of a child from infancy to teen and adolescence. That's why we decided to break the traditions and habits and create new methods with new values to better keep the health and life of forests. we invite you to participate, to rebuild a lasting paradise forever for generations so that our future children will learn everyone has the right to live. In the age of technology, we can use new technologies. The jungle project is being implemented for the first time in Iran and has not had a similar example except in one Asian country and several European countries. Also, we can register the region as a local sanctuary according to the existing laws in the country and the definitions of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and entrust the management of the region to the Indigenous people for the lifetime to protect the next generations.

The public interest of the “Bani Jungle (The founder of the forest)” project

This project also has public benefits:

  • Changing local development patterns in Lishak and Fashtal villages in a 5-year
  • Formation of a local group of small foresters, protection, and wise creative exploitation
  • Creating a model of sustainable participatory forest management
  • Involve rural women in sustainable management
  • Capacity building for Iranian participation in land reconstruction
  • Change in Iran's position in sustainable forest management
  • Recreate part of the Hyrcanian forest ecosystem.

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